Do your kids pee in the pool?


Of course they do! I’m sure we all did when we were young, including you! According to a study in 2012 19% of adults pee in the pool.  Seems harmless enough, but according to a study performed at Purdue and China Agricultural universities when uric acid and chlorinated water come together, two potentially dangerous chemical byproducts are formed. These chemicals, cyanogen chloride and thrichloramine, can affect the lungs, heart, central nervous system, and other organs if inhaled.

As if swimming in a chlorine-laden pool wasn’t bad enough, we add this to the water! We are surrounded by toxins on a daily basis. Our bodies are designed to eliminate toxins. However, when the body’s immune system is diminished, we need to bring on extra antioxidants! If we don’t we just store them up in our bodies, which may affect cell damage and overall health in the future.

We absorb water through our skin. Therefore, whatever we swim in, we absorb.

Long story short: Toxins have a positive ion charge. These are called “free radicals”. Free radicals cause oxidation, like an apple turns brown when it’s cut open and left out in the air. Molecules with a positive ion charge need a free (available) electron to neutralize it. These are called “anti-oxidants” If it isn’t readily available, it will attack your cell to get it, causing major cellular damage. Increase your electrons, decrease cell damage!

The water you drink can greatly benefit or not benefit you. Kangen Water® is a free radical scavenger, imperative to maintaining optimum health and hydration. Find out more about how water can decrease cellular damage.

Change your water Change your life!


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